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We are a top digital marketing agency in Traverse City and have been for well over a decade.  Our expert online customer acquisition teams understand you only care about results.  Through the use of SEO and PPC management, we create marketing strategies that will bring in new business.

Our internet marketing services are leveraged in a way that for every 1$ you spend on marketing you get back between $2 and $5 in new business.  It’s how customer acquisition pricing should be.

We guarantee top local SEO positions through video marketing and website listings on the major search engines. Give us a call today! (231) 222-5100

Our Services


We are a search engine optimization company that dominates local search with #1 listings. Get targeted traffic to your website with new customers ready to buy!

With paid search you can enter any market and start getting traffic the same day you start the campaign. Pay only for the traffic you want to your website!

We’ll set up an Inbound Marketing Strategy that will deliver qualified customers right over the phone. If you’re looking to grow your business fast this product will do just that.

Do you need us to take a look at an existing internet marketing strategy? Or would you like to have our experts improve your online digital presence? Give us a call today! (231) 222-5100

  • We've used MCG for over 7 years and we've always been extremely impressed by their professionalism, positive attitude and approachable manner. Digital marketing and SEO can be a complex industry, but MCG has delivered new clients on a consistent basis. They've always got the right approach to attracting more customers. I simply wouldn't recommend anyone else!"–John Andrews, Echlin & Ginsberg

  • We have been a customer of MCG since 2005. In the beginning we advertised very little but over the last decade we were able to grow our business to a level we never dreamed of, thanks to them. We now spend more on online advertising then anything else we do to market our business, simple because it works so well. Thank you once again for all your help." –Sue Fredrick, Island Real Estate

  • As a busy charity with multiple locations and lots of marketing needs to fulfil, we rely on our internet presence. MCG's marketing consultant service has been the perfect partner for us, I find that whenever we need more customers MCG's lead generation strategies deliver every time."–Chris LaPointe, Better Life

  • They are very supportive and can understand my very basic and confused internet marketing knowledge. I am just dropping you a quick note to let you know that in my opinion – MCG is WONDERFUL. They are very quick in getting back to me with my questions and are always willing to help further. They're the BEST."–Amy Collier, Aspen Dental