Mobile And Video Marketing Services An Army of 100 Million

The television commercial industry is in an uproar over DVR and users that decide to fast forward their commercial advertisements. The traditional banner ad strategy is dated, clunky, and ineffective. No one clicks on those ads anymore in fear of getting a virus or some malware. Do they not look fishy?

As Marketing Consultants we are looking to revamp traditional advertising channels, and YouTube has created that prosperous new channel. It has single-handedly introduced and reinvented the way people interact with video content on the web. A video SEO service is a natural extension of what YouTube has initially paved.

Thinking Outside YouTube Marketing

YouTube is not the only methodology for video marketing. Some marketers are using video content on their website using direct uploads. This keeps the busy aspects of YouTube out of the picture and allows visitors to focus on just the video content and not all the noise (such as comments, related videos, social links, etc.) This is the way digital video marketing is progressing because of the juggernaut that is YouTube seems unnecessarily chaotic for marketers that want the simple and straightforward video.

100 Million Strong

100 million people are watching a video online every single day. Though many of them are commenting on whether the dress is blue or gold in a commentary video, the idea that there is an audience of 100 million (and this is a conservative estimate) is staggering. Many marketers hear that content is king- a catchphrase that is provocative if not mostly true. But the real adage is “video content is king.” It bests written content. A video advertising online has four times as much potential as a written article as suggested by an Australian market research group. It is more difficult to do, of course, but the numbers are there.

Video and Written Content Work Together

Though it is always smartest to use a balance between the two strategies and to integrate them in a sensible manner. Some users may dislike video content, so the written content is great for mobile or for users that want a summary of the video.

Marketing companies make many false promises or exaggerated claims. But there is real value in guaranteed SEO services, an Online Video Marketing Services that has the confidence and the structure to back up their claims. They can offer a system in video and SEO marketing that tops searches and takes on the industry competition in a big way.

Mobile Advertising is One of the Best Places to be Marketing Online

Mobile advertising seems so easy on paper. Simply create an ad or a video, put it in the marketplace, and watch the users click and engage. It is not that easy, of course. An seo marketing consultant can run through the numbers and formulate a strategy for how mobile advertising can fit into the SEO mold. Mobile advertising is local advertising and it has the potential to be a beautiful extension to a thorough SEO plan. Some obstacles will remain in the way, and one of the more known and understood problems in SEO advertising is the cost per customer.

The Cost of a Getting A Customer

When an ad is clicked, the user has the opportunity to interact with the website or leave it soon thereafter. Quick visits followed by a additional recurring clicks are not a drain on mobile ad budgets. In actuality, the more a user comes back, the more likely they are to find what they are looking for and purchase.  If a customer interacts with an ad three times, lets say costs an average of about $5.25. This is small compared to what the return on that customer or client is going to be over the life of the customer.

Of course, there would not be much of a point of a mobile advertising if companies simply limited ad frequency. The strategy then turns to either decreasing maintenance costs or finding new revenue sources. One of the ways to improve this discrepancy is to find the best places to advertise online. This could be in a mobile ad. Mobile advertising to those loyal users can help bring back customers that have also abandoned their shopping carts, lowering the customer acquisition cost even more.

Why Local Mobile Advertising Works So Well!

Potential customers are always looking to find a business listing that is convenient for them and this way it is available through a nicely implemented mobile advertising strategy. This mobile ads can drive traffic by offering quick availabliy for currently listed properties if you work in real estate. These visitors are often relocating. An advertisement could promote a local moving company. It really doesn’t matter there are people looking for your business on their phone and if you don’t have a mobile strategy in place you’re missing out.  T

This cross-marketing is an essential part of business marketing online, and it is now slowly being unveiled in the mobile environment. There are a slew of types of online advertising, and the mobile platform is one of the freshest right now. Give us a call and we will show you how spending $1 will return $5.