How to Market a Business Online for Those With No Prior Experience

Getting the word out about your new small business can be the difference between growing and thriving, on the one hand, and having to close its doors, on the other.

Unfortunately, in the past it was much more difficult, this mostly meant making a splash in the local market, helping residents of a city and other business owners understand what a new company had to offer.

Today it has all changed, most small business owners should focus more online, because that is where the greatest returns are to be made the fastest way possible.

Online Marketing Can Be Simple

Learning how to market a business online is actually quite a bit easier than many would suppose at first. We, as a top 10 marketing company, put out a simple guide that small business owners can use to cover the fundamentals on their own. Relatively straightforward measures like this will ensure that a business will get off to a good start in the online arena.

TIP #1 Do The Simple Work Yourself

The first tip, one that all Michigan advertising agencies will tell you and we insist is the most fundamental of all, is to do good keyword research and incorporate the findings into your company’s website.

That means using tools like those provided by Google’s Keyword Planner to settle on some relevant keyword phrases that refer to your business, preferably including the city and / or what people search to find your business.

With these keywords having been identified, the next step is to work them into website copy and the header tags that each page carries. Adjustments made to copy should always be of a natural-feeling sort, because excessively spammy-seeming wording can be a red alert to search engines and visitors.

In some cases, this will mean making major alterations to the copy that is already there, but in most the necessary adjustments will be minimal.

This is the basis of on page SEO, and once that work is finished, an important milestone on how to market a business online has been reached. Properly placed keywords will help Google and other search engines figure out just what a new business has to offer, and the attention this results in will inevitably bring in some new customers over time.

Increase Traffic By A 100%

As a Michigan advertising company, we estimate that just making adjustments of this kind can boost a your company’s website traffic by 50% or more, in fact, a real win considering how easy it is to do.

Those who seek to generate traffic to website properties, then, can often lay the groundwork themselves. Once a site has been tuned up a little in this way, we as experts can typically take it to the next level far more easily and successfully, too.

TIP #2

If you don’t know what your doing and don’t want to do it yourself working with a small advertising agency can really help to kickstart the process of bringing in new leads and customers. There are so many reasons you what to be working with a small ad agency and they are not expensive like you’d think.

Traditionally corporations that wanted to increase their advertising efforts made a concentrated decision to work with large-scale advertising agencies.

Big Firms Don’t Over Deliver

These ad firms were known to deliver, and there was a sense that they would continue to do admirable work on a client’s behalf. However increasingly, there are many companies who are reaching out to sample what a small online advertising agency has to offer in the way of innovative strategies.

An advertising and digital marketing firm that is made up of a small number of employees will have more direct communication between their own team members. These professionals are likely to know each other well. They can work on the projects they receive using the best of their individual talents, in addition to employing an ensemble approach when necessary.

We’re sorry we have 100’s of Customers

Large advertising companies often have thousands of employees, working in multiple locations around the country or even across the globe. Staff members may be familiar with each other strictly via telephone or internal emails sent back and forth. New ideas take longer to be discussed, agreed upon and placed into use.

When it comes to the utilization of SEO or “search engine optimization” it is far better to work with a smaller marketing group. Large marketing companies may outsource online lead generation companies to obtain the results they promise. It may be an easier route to success than having to instruct entire departments in SEO expertise.

Consulting is not a one size fits all!

Small advertising teams have staffers who literally wear multiple hats when it comes to advertising, marketing and search engine prowess. Each team member can step up where needed at the beginning, middle or end of a campaign. They have been taught to strategize quickly and employ online techniques as soon as they become available.

Large advertising companies may choose an account executive to handle a client, leaving this person in charge of answering questions and fielding complaints. The problem is that this executive may have a dozen or more campaigns on their desk at any one time.

With hundreds of emails and calls arriving on a regular basis, there is no guarantee that your response will be dealt with in a timely manner.

As a boutique advertising team we can assist each of our clients individually, giving them an online marketing consultant immediately.

Our team members may have no more than one company to work with at a time. They can leave a telephone number and email address that will be seen and responded to on a 24/7 basis.

Whenever our clients have a question, they can find the answer because we respond as soon as possible increasing the chances of successes in your business.

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