Traverse City SEO Agency Won’t Let The Penguins and Pandas Eat Your Website


It’s interesting that Penguins and Pandas are black and white. Real-life penguins and pandas are charming in their black and white ‘uniforms’. Google Penguins and Pandas can be your best friends or your worst enemies.

What are Penguins and Pandas?

Most Traverse City SEO agencies don’t know the internet world changed forever in February, 2011. Google released their Panda update to their search ranking algorithm. Why does this matter? Google is the search engine used most often by a wide margin, so what Google does effects everyone who uses the internet.

Google’s internet crawlers or ‘bots are constantly scanning websites, ranking them according to Google algorithms. Most Traverse City MI internet marketing consultants will tell you that people pick a website to visit from page 1 of their search results, so ranking is extremely important to a business.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the techniques and processes that make a website more visible to Google, thus raising the ranking of the website. Some marketing agencies will use ‘white hat’ techniques and bad ‘black hat’ techniques. Think of it like accumulating money – you can work and save or you can rob a bank.

Robbing the bank will give faster results, but there will be a serious penalty when caught. In February, 2011, Google put the bank robbers in internet jail – they lost their rankings overnight. The Panda algorithm change was designed to raise the rank of high-quality sites and lower the rank of ‘thin’ or low-quality websites.


In April, 2012, Google launched another significant algorithm, Penguin. Keyword stuffing (using a keyword multiple times on a page) and paying for links (since many links to a site made it appear that a site was very popular) were two black hat techniques used to gain ranking quickly. No reputable internet marketing consultant would ever recommend black hat methods.

Google makes updates regularly and each is significant. In general, they are intended to ‘reward’ websites that provide accurate information and well-written content and ‘punish’ spammy, poor-quality websites. An experienced traverse city seo marketing firm will focus on improving a website’s ranking with the proper methods.

As the folks at our seo company are well aware of, Google gives hints about changes, but doesn’t issue specifics. This is why experienced help with seo ranking is so important. It does takes some time and hard work for an internet marketing agency to know what changes will help a website and what will hurt.